Elmwood Place Police

Autumn 2004 saw the first use of our TAS Temporary Armoury & Stores software at one of the major Party Political Conferences on the south coast. Following this it has been ordered by Tayside Police for each of the 6 armoury/stores locations at the G8 Conference in July 2005.

TAS has also been supplied for the EU Heads of Government Meeting in October 2005 at Hampton Court & Sandown Park.

Working closely with our customers, we have developed a system that allows for easy setting up of lists of assets that will be deployed, prior to the event. Our first customer decided to run two copies of the application, as they are using different sites for storage and issue of (a) firearms and (b) other assets.

We at Cleaford entered a long list of assets – from telephones to radios, tea making equipment, safety equipment and office equipment. All these items had to be accounted for, and so it was decided to use the booking in and out functions of TAS, each item having been previously marked with a unique barcode. Working from a speadsheet list of equipment we easily demonstrated that a large number of items can be entered in a short time, each one having a short description, being allocated to a category (to aid sorting and searching within the software), and with its unique identifier.

Booking in and out is paperless (unless the customer chooses to print lists of items). Booking is also rapid, and consists of entering an officer’s pass number – either by reading a barcoded pass or by typing, reading the barcodes of the items being issued, and having the officer ‘sign’ by use of a unique, and secret, PIN.

TAS holds the full booking history of each item, and a range of reports is included in the software. For checking purposes lists can be printed showing all items currently ‘out’, all items currently ‘in’, and all bookings out during any period that the operator chooses.

The user, and the date and time they draw the item, is shown against each item that is currently ‘out’.

Tayside Police, leading the policing of the 2005 G8 Conference in July have decided to take 6 copies of TAS. For this major event we have supplied full packages, ready for use straight ‘out of the box’. Cleaford have procured laptop computers, barcode printers, inkjet printers, barcode readers, backup flash drives and additonal flatscreen monitors and keyboards.

Contact us if you would like to see a demo copy of TAS – we believe it has wider application than just International and Party Conferences. It will be suitable for ARV centres, for example, where a full armourer’s record of each weapon (as in PAWS) and asset (as in ARTS) will not be required, but were frequent bookings out and in need to be recorded.

Alongside the demo copy of the software we can now offer an on screen audio visual presentation which gives a guide to use of each section of the application. This can be downloaded from our AV Demos page.